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ALL OF Y’ALL WHO ARE GOING TO SEE POPPEA (like verdiprati and phantomunmasked)

First of I am extremely jealous and excited for you guys. Not only because you get to see Sarah Connolly but my all-time favorite soprano, Lynne Dawson. I have loved that woman’s voice ever since I heard her sing on TV for Princess Diana’s funeral.

I hope you guys will write all about it. I’m excited to hear how this production goes!

I remember that you were excited when the Dawson casting was announced! I’ll try to keep my wits about me enough to write up some notes later.

I should be packing but I just caught up with the interview of Sarah Connolly on this episode of BBC Radio 3’s In Tune. They were discussing L’incoronazione di Poppea (this segment starts roughly around the 1:11:00 mark) and I thought it was a worthwhile listen.

Among other things, Sarah cleared up the mystery of why, in the 2009 Barcelona performance of the Nerone/Lucano scene filmed for DVD, she was humping the floor rather than Seneca’s coffin as seen in the first photo in this YouTube video.


Somewhere on my hard drive I have a stub of an essay musing on this performance choice. The symbolism and shock factor of Nerone exercising his lust on Seneca’s coffin would be much clearer; why should he lick the coffin and then hit the floor? I thought maybe the staging was intended to call back to an earlier scene where Nerone rolls around on the floor as Poppea taunts him with her sexual charms. I also discovered that if you google the phrase “humping the floor,” you find a lot of parents discussing their toddlers’ activities, and I started to formulate an analysis of Nerone’s infantile id. 

Well … interview spoiler: apparently Sarah Connolly just couldn’t physically climb up onto the coffin because of a knee injury.

Whoops ha ha I had actually packed six dresses for five concerts.

I’ve taken out the boring black one.

Packing five dresses for five concerts is not excessive, is it?

flying across an ocean to hear one person’s voice

Xerxes with Alice Coote to be broadcast on BBC Radio 3

The current ENO production of Handel’s Xerxes starring Alice Coote in the title role was recorded on September 26 and is scheduled for broadcast on BBC Radio 3 this Saturday, October 4, at 6:00 p.m. London time. Presumably the recording will be kept online for catch-up listening for a week afterward. 

There are some really fun backstage tweets from this cast. I kind of adore them and I haven’t even heard most of them yet!

Sarah Connolly on BBC Radio 3 In Tune

As she tweeted earlier, Sarah Connolly is scheduled for a “brief” appearance on BBC Radio 3’s interview program(me) In Tune at 4:30 London time on Tuesday, September 30. A recording of the show will presumably remain available for catch-up listening online for a week following.


Ombra mai fu from Handel’s Serse, sung by Alice Coote (in English).

guess what

guess what

guess who gets to hear Alice sing this on Friday (!!!!!!!!)