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Edward Elgar

Dresden, Semperoper
March 28, 2010

Gerontius : Paul Groves
The Angel : Sarah Connolly
The Priest : John Relyea
The Angel of Agony : John Relyea

Chor der Staatsoper Dresden
Staatskapelle Dresden
Conductor : Sir Colin Davis

(My, someone has been busy)

Justing Long & Renée Fleming: The Interview

Justin and Renée discuss theatre, opera, and life as a modern diva. See them together in Williamstown Theatre Festival’s Living on Love

You had me at Renée Fleming + Justin Long. What a cute interview.

I’m realizing that if I had PLANNED AHEAD I could have traveled to the ass end of Massachusetts beautiful Berkshires this weekend and caught Renée Fleming in a matinée of Living on Love followed by Sarah Connolly singing Mahler at Tanglewood. But I didn’t plan ahead and now the Mahler is sold out, maybe the play too, and the airfare alone would be $1,400. So I think I’ll spend my Saturday at home, keeping house and trying to talk myself into finishing my perpetually-delayed freelance project. Maybe I’ll tune in to WCRB online for the Mahler broadcast.

oh to be a fly on THAT wall …


Sarah Connolly sings world premiere of John Tavener’s Gnosis

Tonight at the BBC Proms, 6:30 p.m. BST: Sarah Connolly will sing in the world premiere of Gnosis, a piece written for her by the late John Tavener. You can listen online on BBC Radio 3 and the concert will presumably be archived online for a week is actually archived online for a month!

Sarah Connolly schedule updates

A note for devoted Connollyphiles: the schedule on her website has just been massively updated with loads of new data, including a handful of engagements that I don’t have on my unofficial list yet. (I’ll try to sync up the unofficial schedule with the official one sometime in the next few days.)

I’m excited to see she’ll be singing at the Göttingen Handel Festival Gala, since Handel is my favorite composer and Sarah Connolly is my favorite interpreter of his work. I wonder if there will be broadcasts from the festival? I’m also intrigued by the opera-sized gap between early June and late August, and wonder what might fill it. I suppose we’ll have to wait for the summer opera festivals to make their 2015 announcements …

Edited to add: cripes, did I really forget to link to the official schedule? Fixed that now.


Sarah Connolly sings “E vivo ancora…Scherza infida” from Ariodante by Handel

I keep meaning to write down my impressions of this production but I also keep getting felled by jet lag.

2011 Aix Clemenza di Tito broadcast

The 2011 Festival d’Aix-en-Provence production of La Clemenza di Tito is scheduled for re-broadcast on France 2 TV this Wednesday, the 23rd of July. The broadcast starts at 3:35 in the morning CEST and may not be available outside France.

Gee … I can’t think why anyone would download the torrent instead …

I am dying from an overdose of adorableness and cheekbones

Wearing to work: the same dress I was wearing a week ago today when I met a certain regal British mezzo.

I’m listening to the radio broadcast of the Aix Ariodante from the night I was there and I wish I could inject this Dopo notte directly into my veins.